Argentinian Entraña at Sabores del Plata: History, Characteristics, and Best Pairings

Argentinian entraña

Have you ever heard of Argentinian entraña before? In case you haven’t, let us tell you a bit more about it—basically, it is a skirt steak. But today, we’re here to tell you why it is much more just than a tender, juicy, and flavorful steak.

This particular cut of beef has a long history and is a staple of Argentina’s asado culture. From its cooking method to the different ways of pairing this yummy steak, we’ll explore all things related to the beloved Argentinian entraña offered at Sabores del Plata, the ultimate South American steakhouse of Atlanta!

Introducting Argentinian Entraña

A Glimpse into Argentina’s Culinary History

Argentinian entraña’s origins come from the gauchos—skilled horsemen and cattle herders who lived in Pampas grasslands. As they spent most of their time outdoors, they cooked entraña and other beef cuts over open fires.

In fact, this tradition evolved until it became the modern asado, AKA Argentina’s national dish and its most famous type of barbecue.

For the Argentinians, a sunny Sunday is complete if the table is set, the family is together, and the fire is lit. In fact, if it’s around 12 o’clock and you are walking down the streets of any of Argentina’s provinces, you’ll surely smell the irresistible aroma of asado’s smoke rising above the neighborhood. Given its huge cultural significance, many call this special day domingo de asado, which means Barbeque Sunday.

What is Entraña?

Entraña comes from the diaphragm muscle of the cow, located inside the abdominal cavity. The key characteristics of this cut are that it is long, flat, and flavorful. Because of its shape, the size of Argentinian entraña can reach up to 20-24 inches long and 4 inches across, which makes it perfect for grilling. 

It has a bold, robust flavor, given its location in the cow’s abdominal muscles. As it is composed of muscle fibers, Argentinian entraña has a visibly grooved texture, making it stand out from other beef cuts.  

Although some might deem it as a “tough cut” to enjoy, the truth is that if you learn a proper cooking method, you can make entraña taste like a piece of heaven for meat lovers. So, as promised, we’re about to tell you all the secrets to savor the best Argentinian entraña ever.

Savoring the Argentinian Entraña Experience

Any good asador—the person who makes asado—should know that the secret to cooking Argentinian entraña is using a high flame for a short period of time. That way, the outside will develop a nice char while keeping the inside’s tenderness. 

Moreover, not overcooking it is essential, as it can become hard and chewy. In fact, the recommended way to enjoy it is rare to medium-rare to maximize its tenderness.

The Argentinian parrilla is simple in terms of structure—it is a metal grill that sits over a number of hot coals or chops of wood. Depending on its proximity to the heat, the asador can regulate the grill’s temperature.

Perfect Pairings for Entraña

Generally, asadores serve entraña as a part of parrillada argentinaArgentinian asado—along with other cuts like chorizo, morcilla, and short ribs.

Undoubtedly, the ultimate dressing for this cut of beef is chimichurri. This uncooked sauce is a staple of asado culture, as it is the go-to sauce for any cut of meat. Made of chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar, we assure you its rich flavor and vibrant green color resemble nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Honestly, don’t miss the chance to try chimichurri. It’s awesome! You can use it in a wide variety of dishes, such as salads, roasted vegetables, or even as a dip for bread. Its freshness and flavor can enhance any meal.

Courtesy of elgourmet.com

In terms of pairings, the best pairings to combine with entraña are potato fries or a salada, but you’re free to choose other options on the menu, such as mashed potatoes or white rice.

As one would expect, entraña is a signature dish at Sabores del Plata. They cook this cut of beef to perfection over a wood-fired grill, and the serving comes paired with chimichurri and a glass of red Malbec wine—a true taste of Argentina’s culinary culture.

Conclusion: Take a Piece of Argentina Home

Argentinian entraña is a legendary cut of beef that is bound to impress any meat lover. Its rich flavors, long shape, and extreme tenderness make it the ultimate steak option for those looking for an exciting culinary experience. And don’t forget to add the classic chimichurri dressing for an extra pop of flavor! Visit Sabores del Plata and enjoy the most delicious options on our menu.



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